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So it's now my 30th.

I have approx. 3 hours until people start turning up for the drunken festivities I hope to undertake tonight :)

The party doesn't get started until sunset, but well we have interstate (overseas) guests and friends who will be turning up slightly earlier to fuck about with me and have some catch up time.

I am looking forward to it.

I have had a few people tell me they aren't coming now, which as per past experience freaks me out...the last time I tried to have a BDay party everyone cancelled on the day and I was alone with D and one other friend with about a week's worth of food.

I am keeping the paranoia at bay - barely....we shall see....It is sad that people can't come up with decent excuses to miss a party anymore...even with a month's notice people still feel they can't get organised :)

I have so much left to do...I was hoping to get into the city, but in all seriousness..I just can't spare the time. I have to get some food happening, and I still have to have to do some preparation and decorations and move candles and piss fart about with a million little details.

Anyway - onward and upward I say - let's drink and be fucking merry!! I love the people who ARE coming and the fact that 2 people are FLYING IN FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!! well everyone could cancel and I would still have a fucking awesome nice with those two sexy girls of mine!
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