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So we are home after our sojourn to Wodonga.

We had a fairly good time I would estimate :D  We saw Avatar 3d, sherlock holmes and went to a friend's bday party, they were I think the highlights of our trip.

Avatar...well sucked....the 3d was not very exciting at all, the story was really bad (i was already expecting the story to be shite though), the CGI was ok, but no better or worse than some of the stuff in LOTR in my opinion.  I think it was just me though that wasn't won over with the the 3D effects, I felt I could have seen ti 2d and not missed any of the excitement, yes I guess it was pretty cool to have the grass look like it was really closer, but ooooooh that was cool just didn't come to mind.  Overall I liked the movie though, the narvi were cool and the forest was awesome with the neon colours....I will fast forward the scene where the horse people start getting slaughtered though...that turned my stomach a little.

Sherlock holmes was pretty good, was funny I thought....D wants to go and see that one again :D  

Bday was fun, we got roaring drunk and had a laugh, met some nice people as well which I will try and track down some form of contact details for them so we can keep in touch :D

The real estate agent is coming over today to get started on all the paperwork for selling the house :) So D and I are a little excited at being mortgage free at 30 :D  It is appealing I have to admit.  We could have the house sold by the end of February at the latest, which means we could be in a new place by the birthday period :D  Housewarming AND birthday parties if you ask me!!  WOOT WOOT! :D

Anyway better go and get dressed so am not semi nude when the real estate agent does get here :D
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