Mar. 29th, 2009

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Mar. 29th, 2009 09:23 am
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Managed to get over the depression, stemming form my apparent lack of friends interested in celebrating my birthday with my solution....I am having a birthday party - i don't give a flying fuck who turns up - if it ends up just being me, D and my two damn dogs, I am going to get drunk, play loud music and dance my arse off :) (more than likely the loud music and drinking will happen, followed by loud sobbing and hysterics ).

So here is to me and my non event of turning 30 :)

Here is a little paranoia for you Mr Journal - maybe people don't like me all that much but put up with me because of Drew? hrmmm there's something to consider ?

Onto other things....i had to take mum to the hospital the other night due to some complications with her recent surgery..everything is ok, but I managed to get home at like 6am so my weekend has now been very hazy coz I am just so damn tired :)

D is doign some invitation up for me over the next few days, so I can get them printed out and sentt o whomever needs them :) YAY for me :)
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So anyway, had a really fun day in game today :) I just played the game to enjoy and not be a GL for the night :)

I pissed off my officers I think, but well that happens - I will fewel bad about it for the next few weeks then I will be over it :/

Anyhoo, onto other things, I am feeling slightly buzzy :)

I have made a to-do list for my birthday and it has like 50 things on it...thank god I will be off for the week before my party :) I want to make myself a nice skirt for it as well :)

Going to have a wicked outfit - if I can manage to get squeezed into my corset again....I have a month to lose some weight to seee if it is possible, otherwise I may have to investigate the possibility of buying a new one....SUCH A SHAME!!! LOL I may need to pick minxee's brain on how to do a goth look for the has been nearly 14 years since I went through my goth phase :)

Anyway, still have to do my invites - they haven't been done as yet....hopefully tuesday night :) I will send out an invite via email as well :)
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So I went to my archives and found I have been on LJ since Febuary 2003....LOL ok so scrap one year thats 5 years on here blogging about my life....

I must go back and read it all one day, I am sure it will be a dead boring read :)

I miss LJ to be honest, it was always a nice lace to vent :) and celebrate and have fun on :)

Perhaps now is the time for me to get back into it with less depression and more excitement :) LOL


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