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So, party has occurred, I am still feeling very dodgy - but that could be lack of sleep as well as alcohol.

Anyway, was wonderful to see B in person, shame she was with twathead, but we will move past that. She is happy again and my personal feelings towards the tosspot will one day change I am sure :p (yes B, if you read this, you know I love you, and I am allowed to dislike him for a little while :) Just a month or two )

Anyway, as for the party, minxee walked in with Lord Sith and I nearly feel over with excitement and just so much happiness at seeing her. I don't get to see my minxee very often, but of all the years I have known her she has always looked sexy. God I hate her :p but yes yuminess in all her boobie hanging out action :) and the whipping!! LOL she is such a deviant!!

One of my god friend turned up as Frankenfurter from Rocky Horror and I nearly had a heart attack!! He looked so super awesome!! then he started singing and that was it, I was lost in it.

For those who don't know I was such a RHPS addict, I watched it almost every week, and every time i went to a dress up party I would dress as someone in it....somehow I managed to alway make it fit the theme.

Everyone looked awesome, had so many people dressed up - it was good to see.

I tried to get around to everyone and chat to them at least a little while but I think I failed, It is so damn hard to get to speak to so many people, but I hope I got to chat to most of them and that I am forgiven for not speaking much to any one particular person. I think the longest conversation I had was with Y and T about shaving or not shaving....

There is a blurry section in the middle where I really have no idea what went on...i just felt like I was running back and forth all night.

I had an awesome night, aside from the guilt I am feeling about not chatting to everyone for a long time, I did have fun.

I hope everyone that came appreciates how much it meant to me. I was so happy so many people came to my party.

I forgot to take piccies but minxee has assured me she has some and I believe Y took some as well. I have 2 shots....that is it...LOL
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