Aug. 9th, 2006 12:47 pm
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got back from my course on Monday and headed tsraight to work...yuck for catching the 6.43 train from Wodonga...anyway had the best weekend - aside from the obvious being away from Drew etc...

Anyway, the course was fabulous, I have heaps to learn and although he stressed we do not need to learn it from heart - I would like to be able to do as much as possible from memory....I have 14 muslces grousp to play with at the moment and a few other bits and peices......but i have already done it on three people.....1 was a sceptic, one is paralysed and the other just keeps mocking me...Anyway, I think i need to do some practice on people who are willing to actually attempt it and not mock me about it...but we shall

I know it works, because...sorry to gross you all out here, but I havent had my period for almost 4 months, not pregnant, just not having during the workshop on Sunday arvo, we found a blockage fr that area nad it got rebalanced, and would you know it , monday morning bright and early guess what I got. Now for many reasons that is not mormal for me....the major one being i normally have pain for the 2 days leading up to my period, so i think it tricked my body a smidge and the second, is that no matter how irregular I am, I always get my period in the middle of the night.....every single time.....but this came early morning, so i know it was out of whack and thanks to the balance, I got it....and the pain I am experieneceing now because of it is not pleasant...I have been off two days at work and doping my self up with panadeine forte to cope with it.....It is fucking horrible...

So back to the course, I have found my vocation in life....I have found the passion....I can think about going to work and not feel so depressed because I have soemthing to look forward to every night...I can practice on people and play and make peopel feel better....further to that, I did a balance on my mother in law (who is paralysed down her right side) and after about 2 hours she came to me and said that she was starting to feel her shoulderon her right side, something she hasn't felt for almost 20 WOOT for me.....I am obviously doing somethign right???

I got some great feedback at teh course as well, was told I seem to be a natural and am able to remember things really quickly compared to others, that I have a great demeanour with clients and explain things really well....( we had to pretend all weekend that we were seeing a client so we had to explain everything we were doing to them to ingrain it in our memories).

ANyway I think that is all for me....lemme know when you want me to balance you and I will do it...I need some practice!! hehehe


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