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LOL....I signed up for australia's biggest loser!!! HAHHAHA I don't think I have a chance in hell ofbeing selected and nevermind the fact that you need 5 months away from work...heeheh...i hardly think it is a viable option, but fuck it would be funny....and i dont really want to be on tv in my lycra bike shorts and boob top...roflmao!! but damn it would be nice to start losing weight and have the motivation to continue on - i mean as long as I didnt get voted out in the first week...HAHAHAHA which would be my luck, coz i wouldnt feel like i had made any changes...ehehheeh

so i have rec'd and email back saying thanks and we will call you type thing...so i wait and see...maybe i will get on there and get the chance to change everything and eat better and get motivated to get off my arse.....

I am now looking into bellydancing again in the hope i can find a class somewhere that will be on almost every night and not charge through the fucking teeth for it...i have always wanted to do bellydancing - always and i think i should start if it means I am more likely to actually do something excercise wise!!

Any speaking of excersie i should go and get some food and start the damn dishes!! heheheh

talk to you all soon!!


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