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Funny story - the boi and I were out on Friday night just having a window shop since we hadn't done it in a while, fluffing around in Sanity we see NCIS season 1 box set sitting on the shelf!! OMG we both cried!! Look what we have found!! and we ran to the stands and had a squizz....anyway since JB has just opened up at our local plaza we decided we would go there and check out the prices of them and see if they were a better deal...JB just opened meant the possibility of it being a sale item, anyway so we tootle off to JB and proceed to try anfd find it - do you think we can...we search everywhere for it, then this girl and i call hera girl coz she would have been about 12 walks up stands in front of us and picks up the last remaining copy of it!! It was right in front of us the whole time and had i just stretched out my hand she would have backed off for the 2 secs it took me to locate it!! ARRRGGHHHH!!!

So we thought OMG they would have to have more - so we went and asked a clerk and she advised there pc's said there was 2 more in stock, well we knew one was gone and she then decided to advise us that the pc's update overnight and so it might very well have been sold already today....STOOPID!!! you shoudl have up to date software that tells you straightaway if it has been sold....fucken stoopid....

so we left after that incident and I will go and pick it up next pay day from JB if they manage to have a copy instore........

I hope the poof who stole it from me is enjoying her copy of it and is watching every episode in detail!!! giggle.... *sobs hysterically*


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