Aug. 15th, 2006 10:21 pm
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ok, so while trolling the net tonight I decied I would do a search on my name...who doesnt??? eheheh anyway, I was trying out my new maried anme and came across a guy that might have links to my hubby, he has advised me before he has an distant uncle or cousin or something that is a QC or soem fancy wancy lawyer dude. ANYWAY!! His name come up in a search in google, noticing that it is some form of court proceedings, I get all voyeuristic and want to read it...who doesnt right??

Well, I nearly fell off my chair when i see that it is my first fiance's mother being done for theft from her emplyer for almost 450,000k!!!! OMFG!! Anyway, like that wasn't shock enough, I look at the dates and the information contained on this document (also wondering WHY stuff like this is accessible on the net for a start!!!) and notice that the dates co-incide with when Hamish (my first love who i was supposed to be with forever)and I were together and then broke up.

They moved houses (which she had to do according to the courts to use the money to repay some of the money she stole from her boss) about 3 weeks after I broke up with Hamish, I lost contact with him at that point because I didn't know where they had moved to or their new number.

So I now wonder if Hamish's mum made him dump me because of the legal stuff she was going through and didn't want me to be involved and I also wonder if that is why Hamish didn't stand up for our relationshop and try to stay with me???

I always did wonder how she had so much money and how she could spend so much of it so easily....coz she was pilferring her boss....Anyway long story short...i think i am lucky that I wasnt implicated in any of it and that i was out of the picture so easily...I dont think it would have been thebest situation to be in.... :)

Thought you should all know since i found it simply stunning!!!


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